Next Steps are at the heart of our journey in "turning toward hope" at Church180. This is actually even one of our core values which is... Everyone has a next step.

Tacos w/ the Team

“Tacos w/ the Team” is your first step with Church180. We want to give you a vision for why God through His Church can lead you to the life you’ve always wanted as well as the chance to be known and to have any of your questions answered on your journey all over some food at Lolita’s after service on a Sunday.

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Interested in a Group?

Please fill out the connect card and indicate that you are “interested in a group” and someone will follow up with you.

Join a Team

We believe that one of the keys in turning toward hope is finding a place to serve and make a difference. There are several teams that make up Church180 and we’d love to help you take a step in joining a team.


Throughout the New Testament of the Bible when a person makes their own choice to become a follower of Jesus we see that they get baptized. Baptism by immersion is representative of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus as well as your death and burial to life before Jesus and resurrection to new life in Him.

To have a conversation about baptism or to plan your baptism click “Baptism”.

What is the meaning of Baptism?